We Provide Digital Safety Training To Students, Parents & Staff As Often As You Like For An Unbeatable Price

About Cyber-DigitalSafety.ie

Cyber-DigitalSafety.ie allows Irish School Leaders to take responsibility for the Digital Safety compliance requirements that are broadening each year.

This custom solution provides you with a custom learning management system website for your school complete with regularly updated programmes for your students, teachers and parents. These programmes can be run at any stage during the year as often as you wish for no extra charge. The reporting mechanism allows school leaders to see exactly which teachers and students have completed their Digital Safety training. Furthermore, principals are able to provide parents with a dedicated training programme link. To top it off, Cyber-DigitalSafety.ie will help you to devise an up-to-date Acceptable Usage Policy which is becoming of growing importance for all schools under the Child Protection Policy.

Cyber-DigitalSafety.ie ensures that students at all levels are provided with Digital Safety training at an appropriate level for their age group. This solution also provides Digital Safety and compliance training for teachers so that the staff in your school are fully aware of their obligations and expectations. The programme involves video lessons on screen with built-in testing and reporting that can either be completed by students and teachers, or delivered to class groups by class-leaders for younger groups.